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Visendo MailChecker Server

Modern business need reliable and secure email applications in order to function properly.
Most of the times, both incoming and outgoing electronic messages  pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. Mail Checker Server is the ultimate anti-spam email gateway for enterprises.

It is therefore vital that an organization's  antispam email gateway is able to filter spam, neutralize viruses and prevent data leaks while enabling the free flow of messages.

Visendo Mail Checker Server is a trusted secure antispam email gateway security solution that keeps this balance at its optimal level.
It is is an efficient, easy to use email security anti-spam and anti-phishing tool that works with any email client and, thanks to the multi-layered filters, has a great detection rate.

Visendo Antispam filter achieves a detection rate of over 99% with its various techniques, like Blacklist server requests, Bayesian filter, static rules and many more.
As Visendo Antispam is able to train itself automatically, its efficiency increases the longer it is in use. You can decide how detected spam messages will be processed (tag, move, delete, etc.).
Most of the existing virus scanners can be integrated in Visendo Mail Checker Server email gateway in order to identify infected emails viruses or Trojans.
The virus scanner mostly used with Visende Mail Checker Server - ClamAV - is a strong tool that protects company networks from malware (viruses, trojans)

Visendo Mail Checker Server email gateway includes powerful management and reporting tools, including message-tracking or user level quarantine controls.
Pre-defined reports are easily modified and can be executed across multiple Visendo Email Gateways for a consolidated view of user activity.

The most important anti-spam ingredients of Visendo Mail Checker Server:

- Bayesian Filtering based on multiple SPAM probabilities algorithms
- Multi-language support
- Downloads new spam signatures
- Keyword and header checking
- SPF Support, identifies directory harvesting
- Automatic whitelist, 3rd party DNS Blacklist, 3rd party URL Blacklist
- New Senders Sorting, List server
- Users can review their spam
- Customizable policies for groups/individuals
- Supports Exchange 2003 Anti Spam API
- Supports Exchange 2007 Virus Scanning API
- Supports foreign language SPAM
- Anti-Phishing, blocks spam based on character sets, optional Antivirus/Content Security
- Management of notifications, alerts, log reporting

Find out more about Visendo Mail Checker Server features on our blog:

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Advanced email archiving and routing rules

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Operating systems:

- Microsoft Server Family
- Windows 2000 sp4, Windows 2003 Standard SP1, Standard R2,Enterprise SP1, Enterprise R2
- Windows 2003 Small Business Server
- Windows 2008,Windows 2008 R2
- Windows 2008 Small Business Server


- Microsoft Management Console 1.2 or 2.0 (Windows 2000 und NT)
- Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (Windows 2003 und XP+)
- MSXML 6.0
- Microsoft .NET framework 2.0
- Active directory client - Standard on the server system
- Microsoft Exchange Server or any other Mail Server, that supports POP3, IMAP, SPOP3, SIMAP, SMTP protocols

Network requirements:

- Network adapter that suits the type of local-area, wide-area, wireless, or home network you wish to connect to
- Access to an appropriate network infrastructure
- Internet access
 Some groupware and messaging functionality may require Internet access