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popConnect 10 - POP3 / IMAP Connector for Exchange and SMTP Servers. It can be used for APOP and GMAIL accounts and supports SSL.

The POP3/IMAP email collector works in the background: popConnect downloads all messages from multiple accounts and forwards them to  Exchange or any other SMTP server. It also supports downloading of RSS Feeds and delivers them as email messages to the specified accounts. A user-friendly configuration tool is integrated  to minimize the administration time.

PopConnect 10 is available as Standard or Plus version. You find a list with the additional features of the Plus version under the tab Details.

Features of the pop3/imap connector:

Server Side Integration
Attachment extracting, header check, blacklisting
Postmaster notifications, RSS (email forwarder), SSL support
Rule engine (distribution), integrated scheduler, logging
Multiple SMTP servers support
Active Directory integration 
APOP support, GMAIL support
Database reporting
Single/Catch all accounts

Remember:  we offer 2 year free support and 1 year free updates.

popConnect 10 comes with a powerful and flexible routing rule system. Conditions and actions can be combinated freely, as you know it from email clients.

For further information about configuration and installation see the popConnect manual.

popConnect 10 brings extra features to the previous popConnect 2008 that enhance the current needs of email users: APOP support, GMAIL support, SSL support, RSS, etc

You can find out more by reading  articles  on our Visendo Corporate Blog:

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popconnect10_x64.zippopConnect 10 x64 Setupx64 10.00 Mb06-11-2012
popconnect10_x86.zippopConnect 10 x86 Setupx86 8.80 Mb06-11-2012
Manual_popConnect2010_de.pdfpopConnect 10 Manualall 2.47 Mb06-12-2011
Manual_popConnect2010_en.pdfpopConnect 10 Manualall 2.30 Mb06-12-2011

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